MMD Kochi :: 2MFG Oral Questions :: Function I:: Sep 2019 (Part II)

Capt. Dileep

External Surveyor: Dileep | Internal Surveyor: Capt. Partha | 17.09.2019

External Surveyor

  • Passage Planning on the chart, in details
  • All Admiralty publications and what all information you get & how it will help to plan a passage plan.
  • How to correct a chart if not corrected for 2 years
  • Advantages of ECDIS
  • Safely settings of ECDIS
  • List of onboard met equipment & use
  • Sight calculation, in detail.
  • Main Engine Failure, action
  • Before sailing test
  • ROR Rules 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 19
  • Squat & factors affecting squat

Internal Surveyor

  • Cardinal marks
  • Head-on
  • Crossing
  • Overtaking actions
  • Traffic density is high and radar not working action

External Surveyor: Dileep + One more surveyor | Internal Surveyor: Capt. Parthasarthy | 16.08.2019

  • Passage Planning on Charts (all publication names in Appraisal, ASD how is it useful, what you get from distance tables how is it useful, say about bunker calculation here in the appraisal, not execution, Planning-all points as in Polaris plus what is abort point, mention minimum UKC as per company policy to be marked, PI, A/C with ref to a radar conspicuous object -how to use it to execute that alteration (use VRM)
  • Execution-any change in speed to adjust ETA
  • Monitoring-Same as Polaris, How to use PI(PI parallel to track or heading? Answer: Course), methods to fix position -say about long by chron at 9 am then meridian passage at noon)
  • He asked me do you know there is one more stage of passage planning called Evaluation -did you use it onboard?
  • Now, what is more in ECDIS as compared to paper charts passage planning? ( Say all safety settings and alarms)
  • The basic purpose of ECDIS
  • What contour will ECDIS select if you input some contour value•What are the dangers when blindly relying on en ECDIS as it shows your position?
  • Position fixing methods -say all
  • What you get by taking sights? (LOP)
  • What is gyro error, compass error, variation, deviation?
  • Where to get variation, deviation, how it changes, how to make deviation curve?
  • What is amplitude (give proper definition), when is it taken, how will the PZX triangle be like when a body is rising or setting?
  • How to know your chart is corrected, your chart was last corrected 2 yrs ago how will you correct it?
  • Aids to navigation
  • Control testing when, Why, How, Steering gear checks everything, (also gyro repeaters compared with the main gyro)
  • Meteorological instruments onboard
  • Why do you want to know the dew point? (to know if fog is approaching)
  • Why you need atmospheric pressure?
  • Squat? Factors affecting squat? Below what depth it occurs normally
  • ROR -quote rule 6,10, 13, 15, 17, 19
    • range of lights-Cards -Aground, CBD, Dredger/UWO, sailing vessel( Take your time do not fish up here)
    • Situations- According to Rule 17c, in TSS vessel crossing from Stbd to Port, You see a vessel at night at 3 pts STBD bow masthead lights in line, both sidelights, action? For a vessel on your port bow how to determine if it is crossing or overtaking in the daytime?

External : Capt. Alex and Capt. Dileep | 19.07.2019

  • Passage Plan
  • How will we know charts 3 years old are corrected if a new edition is not available?
  • How to plan a Great circle course and why Vertex has to calculate
  • Chart Correction Procedure
  • He asked me to have I sailed on ECDIS ships.
  • I said I have sailed only on ECDIS only ships.
  • Passage planning on ECDIS.
  • How to order charts on ECDIS?
  • How to carry out updates on ECDIS and how can we check charts are updated?
  • Safety settings on ECDIS?
  • And a little bit more in ECDIS like CATZOC, base cell, ENC, and all.
  • Limitations and Errors on ECDIS?
  • Everything about the safety sector, safety frame, and depth setting.
  • Celestial Navigation:-Explain All methods of plotting and which method to be used at what time.
  • Noon Position calculation. (He wants both theory and practical)
  • When is the Amplitude calculation of the sun carried out?
  • ROR, rule 19, 18, 17
  • When he saw am not that fluent in mugging up rules be started with situations.
  • Ship Handling:- Advance, transfer, Transverse thrust, etc.
  • Autopilot off course alarm takes feed from GYRO or MAGNETIC compass?
  • Gyro failure. take action. He wants to hear you changing feed from Gyro to TMC in autopilot. Then he will stop there only.
  • Heading control and Track control
  • He didn’t ask me for cards because he said I have done it fairly in my previous attempt.

Internal Surveyor

I was the second last guy to appear and Parthu had to attend some seminar or survey so he was in no mood to ask more questions. How did you perform this time? Sir, Much better than the previous time. Cleared all your written? and he checks my written marksAll clear sir. He just one single question, What is the head-on situation and then clears me.

External: Capt. Dileep | Internal: Capt. Parthasarathy | 16.07.2019

  • Passage plan in detail
  • Meteorological instruments and use and working
  • celestial Position-fixing procedure. How to do it? When to take? how to take
  • Sextant errors? how to find and how to correct.
  • Position fixing using an Echo Sounder
  • Aids to navigation?
  • Autopilot settings
  • Checking of compass errors.
  • Flooding? Actions to take.
  • Rule 6, 9,12,13,27,34 (He asks details from the rule….like in rule 6 the point, the characteristics, efficiency, and limitations of radar equipment …the meanings of the words are to be said.)
  • Cards- daytime cards were mostly asked. (RAM, Fishing, Trawling,) and some more was there and a bit of cross-question.

Internal Surveyor

  • Rule 18
  • Lights of all vessels mentioned in rule 18
  • GPS (ground segment)

Ext: Capt. Dileep | Internal: Capt. Parthasarthy | 15.07.2019

  • ECIDS in very detail
  • Rules : 5,6,9,10; Rest all names
  • Cards (Night cards:-PDV > 50, Towing v/l RAM; Aground v/l; Day cards:-V/l aground, RAM)
  • AIS , BNWAS, VDR, LRIT, Echo Sounder
  • How do you look out( Have to tell regarding Hearing as well as sight)
  • Light Ranges as per Rule 22
  • Procedure for taking the Sight of Sun.
  • What are the aids to navigation
  • position fixing method
  • Advantage of ECDIS over charts
  • Contents of Admiralty Sailing directions, Routine charts
  • How will you get navigational warnings onboard
  • Compass Error
  • Control Test
  • metrological instruments carried onboard
  • Rules 6,8,13,14,17,19
  • And meanings of each word like constrained, Accordance, prevailing, maneuverability ample time,
  • Day Cards

Cochin MMD | External: Capt. Dileep | Internal- Capt. Parthasarthy | 15-07-19

External Surveyor

  • Started with ROR
  • Rule 2,6,7,8,13,15,18,19
  • Night Cards- Air Cushion, Towing, RAM, CBD, aground
  • Day Cards- Aground, Trawling, Sailing
  • ECDIS full details (A to Z. He wants each and every detail)
  • LRIT
  • AIS
  • Echo Sounder
  • Passage Planning (he needs APEM with brief details including all publication names.)
  • Collision and action as a duty officer

Internal Surveyor

  • Rule 18
  • NUC, RAM, CBD, Sailing Light characteristics
  • Main Engine failure while proceeding to pilot ground. action as 3rd mate Capt Dileep is a good guy. He needs more theoretical and than practical ones.

Capt. ALEX

External Surveyor:- Capt. Alex | Internal Surveyor:- Capt. Parthasarathy | 19.09.2019

External Surveyor Questions

  • Rule 6, 7, 13, 19
  • Night Cards: RAM, CBD, Aground not by showing cards just asking shape and signal
  • Passage plan full
  • Echo sounder, how to know it’s giving the correct reading
  • Control testing
  • Search and rescue manual

  • Started with ROR. Quote Rule No.:- 5, 6, 7, 13, 15 & 19
  • Passage planning on the paper chart
  • What is Chart Datum?
  • Chart correction procedure
  • LRIT and AIS, VDR and SVDR
  • Control test in detail
  • Passage planning on the chart only
  • From appraisal all publications
  • ASD another name, its importance.
  • how will you do planning?
  • Pre-departure checks ( don’t forget to say you will first inform ch off before going on the bridge because that time you are leaving CCR and you will give notice to engine room)
  • How will you check Echo Souder?
  • Squat
  • Advance
  • Transverse Thrust
  • Head Reach
  • ROR Rules- 2, 6, 7, 8,19
  • MOB, action?
  • North cardinal mark, RAM, CBD, pilot vessel lights and day signal for ram and CBD, day signal towing vessel (Without cards)
  • How will you get Navigational warnings and how many nav areas are there? and some more easy questions

  • Passage plan Dubai to India
  • Publications
  • Control Test (Need to describe every piece of equipment)
  • Transverse thrust
  • ROR Rules 6, 7, 8, 15, 19, 22. Day signals and night signals asked without the cards

  • Rules 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 15, 19
  • NUC, Aground vessel lights shapes, range of lights,
  • Passage plan in detail
  • Echo Sounder test
  • Control tests (Explain practical things that we do on the ship)
  • Cumulative notice to mariners
  • How to check whether the charts are updated or not
  • Received distress on VHF while on watch, action
  • Vessel aground action
  • Search Patterns
  • List of Meteorological Instruments
  • Squat
  • Bank Effect
  • ECDIS feeds
  • Calculation of compass error

  • Passage plan Dubai to India
  • Publications
  • Control Test (Need to describe every piece of equipment)
  • Transverse thrust
  • ROR Rules 6, 7, 8, 15, 19, 22
  • Day signals and night signals asked without cards

Internal Surveyor Questions

  • You hear fog signal ahead action. Radar, not operational. Take action
  • Main Engine failure action.

  • Lights of RAM, CBD, NUC
  • Steering gear failure action
  • Ball diameter (COLREGs Annex I)
  • Meaning of flags PAPA, HOTEL & ZULU

  • West Cardinal Mark
  • Leading Lights
  • Aground Vessel day signal
  • contents of ASD
  • Methods of finding Compass Errors

  • Crossing Situations
  • Preferred Channel marks
  • Name of the rules
  • Overtaking situation

  • Passage Planning
  • Echosounder
  • Meteorological Equipment
  • ROR (5,6,9,19)
  • NUC Day
  • Departure Planning
  • MOB Action

External Surveyor:- Capt. Sundar | Internal Surveyor:- Capt. Parthasarathy | 18.07.2019

External Surveyor Questions

  • ROR Cards: NUC, Aground, Pushing Vessel, Towing Vessel, Pilot Vessel, Trawler,
  • Rule 18, 17, 13
  • ROR Situation: RV Overtaking , RV head-on, RV crossing) action.
  • What is Verification of compliance? Explain (new rule)
  • Passage plan
  • Why you need an abort point and how is it calculated.
  • Heading control and track control.
  • IAMSAR and Search Patterns.
  • Epirb Satellite navigation.
  • GMT, LMT, Inferior Meridian

Internal Surveyor Questions

  • What action you should not take in RV when u detect a vessel ion radar;
  • You hear a fog signal forward of your beam without radar. Action.
  • How to find Gyro Error.

Capt. Unnikrishnan

External Surveyor: Capt. Unnikrishnan | Internal Surveyor: Capt. Parthasarthy | 19.09.2019

External Surveyor Questions

  • Passage Planning in ECDIS detail, a lot of cross-questions
  • Publications
  • ECDIS safety features, in detail. Cross questions
  • All Control testing, in details
  • How to do Great Circle sailing onboard ship
  • Radar Plotting, in detail. A target was given on plotting sheet, asked to explain to find all CPA, TCPA, etc on that
  • Compass Errors, in detail
  • Gyro Errors, in detail
  • Everything about Routeing Chart
  • How will draw a passage in favor of currents?
  • Various position fixing methods
  • How to take the noon position. With procedure.
  • When you will take long by chron
  • How to identify ur position using the lighthouse. Where do you will get lighthouse information?
  • Various TSS Situations.

Internal Surveyor Questions:

  • Buoys ( lateral, cardinal )
  • safe Watermark
  • Transit Bearing
  • Leading Light
  • Rule 8
  • lights of different Vessels
  • situation crossing of CBD vessel
  • CBD Vessel day signal
  • How to navigate in port without any navigational equipment

External Surveyor: Capt. Unnikrishnan | Internal Surveyor: Capt. Parthsarthy | 18.09.2019

External Surveyor Questions

“I am a sailing Captain, so don’t try to blunder and all i need is practical answers “

  • Passage Planning by ECDIS
  • Radar Plotting
  • ECDIS Safety Features
  • Various Position Fixing Methods
  • From where we can obtain information regarding a lighthouse?
  • Magnetic Compass Errors
  • How to calculate Compass Error by using Amplitude of Sun
  • Celestial Fix
  • Position fixing using Sextant
  • How to do Great Circle Sailing
  • Gnomonic Chart
  • “Okay, I am not going to ask you any further questions because I am not satisfied with the way you answered”. He wants to hear all the answers in a very practical way without compromising the content )

Internal Surveyor Questions

I told him “sir, external didn’t even ask me ROR and I am really confident in it, I answered the questions but he was not satisfied enough “. He checked my paper and asked me::

  • Passage Planning
  • Normal Situations (Rule 19, 15, 17)
  • Rules 17, 18, 19, 7, 5, 8
  • Buoys (Lateral, Cardinal )
  • Safe Watermark (Light Signal)
  • Compass Bearing
  • Echo Sounder Errors

External Surveyor: Unnikrishnan | 20.09.2019

  • Passage plan from New York to Gibraltar on a paper chart, on ECDIS;
  • Mid of Atlantic GPS fails, how will you fix position?
  • Long by Chron procedure
  • Amplitude
  • How to correct the charts, which are not corrected for 6 yrs.
  • How cold fronts look on charts.
  • The whole procedure for Ex-meridian altitude.
  • Quote Rule 13, 20
  • Various ROR Situation,
  • NUC Card, RAM, Preferred channel,
  • ECDIS Compliance,
  • ECDIS safety parameter,
  • Route planning, Route monitoring
  • How to correct weekly notice on ECDIS
  • Safety contour setting