DGS Circular No. 28 of 2020

Subject: Conduct of maritime courses using Virtual Classes/ Live Video Sessions (Addendum to DGS Training Circular 19 of 2020 dated 18/05/2020)

Date:  July 29,2020

  •  The DG Shipping had allowed the  Maritime Training institutes (MTIs) to conduct the theory/ lecture part of the curriculum for long duration pre-sea and competency courses through Virtual Class / Live Video Sessions (VC / LVS) vide DGS Training Circular 19 of 2020 dated May 18, 2020. Check Here
  • A large number of candidates has been benefited from that.
  • The uncertainties of the ongoing_COVID-Ig pandemic have paralysed the completion of shore-based training of the candidates.
  • Due to this many pre-sea MTIs could not conduct the practical part of the curriculum of the pre-sea course AND the final examination of the pre-sea course.
  • Also, a large number of candidates were found to be getting opportunity to undergo shipboard training but were unable to undertake the shipboard training as the practical part of the curriculum and final examination are still pending. 
  • In view of the above, the Director General of Shipping, Government of India has decided the following:
  • The candidates of the  following pre-sea course who could not complete their practical part of the respective curriculum and / or could not appear for final examinations shall be allowed to undergo shipboard training, as a departure from the set design of the course due to the prevailing situations, provided they have successfully attended/ completed their theory / lecture part of the respective curriculum and have successfully completed five basic safety courses as mandated by STCW Code Part A Chapter VI.
      • BE / B-Tech in Marine Engineering final year candidates.
      • B. Sc. (Nautical Science) final year candidates
      • Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS), final Semester
      • Graduate Marine Engineering (CME)
      • Electro- Technical Officer
    • Above mentioned candidates shall be required to successfully complete their practical part of the curriculum successfully pass the final examination prior to applying for any Certificate of Competency examination.
    • In other words, the eligibility criteria for any Certificate of Competency shall remain as it is. The candidates mentioned above shall be allowed to complete their shipboard training prior to completing required practicals which are
      part of their shore-based training.
    • However, MTIs through VC/LVS shall ensure that their students acquire the deeper knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts/ techniques and also guide the students on the safety precautions that are to be observed while undergoing shipboard training.
    • This provisions shall be applicable only till the time
      the training in Maritime Training Institutes is resumed after normalcy.
  • This Training Circular comes in to force with immediate effect and shall be in force till the time further order is issued by the Directorate in this regard.
  • The MTI shall confirm in respect of each student of having completed the theory part of the course fully by issuance of a confirmation letter in the format prescribed in Annexure -1, below. Only those students having confirmation letter will be allowed for shipboard training.
  • The remaining part of the course of practical training shall be completed at the MTI after completion of relevant Ship-board training requirements in accordance with DGS Training Circular
    19 of 2020.
  • The MTIs will be responsible for course completion including practical training and examination after shipboard training once the candidate is ashore and should not link it with the arrival of all the candidates of the concerned institute from that batch.
Annex 1