10 Important Deck Cadet Jobs on Board Ships: A Comprehensive Guide


Deck cadets are an essential part of the ship’s crew, responsible for performing a wide range of duties to ensure the smooth operation of the vessel. In this article, we will discuss ten important jobs that deck cadets perform on board ships.

1. Navigation

Deck cadets play a critical role in navigation. They assist the officer on duty with chart corrections, plotting positions, and monitoring the ship’s progress. They also ensure that all the navigation equipment is working correctly, including radar, GPS, and compasses.

2. Cargo Operations

Deck cadets are involved in all aspects of cargo operations, including loading and unloading of cargo, stowing, and securing cargo. They also ensure that cargo is properly labeled and stored in the correct locations.

3. Watchkeeping

Deck cadets are required to stand to watch on the bridge, usually in four-hour shifts. During their watch, they are responsible for monitoring the ship’s course, speed, and position. They also keep a lookout for other vessels and hazards.

4. Safety Inspections

Deck cadets are responsible for carrying out safety inspections on board the ship. They ensure that all safety equipment, such as lifeboats, firefighting equipment, and personal protective gear, is in good condition and ready for use.

5. Maintenance

Deck cadets assist the ship’s engineers with maintenance tasks, such as painting, cleaning, and lubricating machinery. They also help with the routine maintenance of the ship’s deck, including chipping, scraping, and painting.

6. Communications

Deck cadets are responsible for maintaining communications on board the ship. They monitor the radio and other communication equipment, ensuring that it is working correctly. They also keep a log of all communications.

7. Emergency Response

Deck cadets are trained to respond to emergencies on board the ship. They know the proper procedures for responding to fire, flooding, and other emergencies. They also know how to launch lifeboats and other rescue equipment.

8. Environmental Compliance

Deck cadets play a vital role in ensuring that the ship complies with environmental regulations. They monitor the discharge of waste and other materials into the sea, ensuring that it is done in accordance with local laws and regulations.

9. Security

Deck cadets are involved in maintaining the security of the ship. They monitor access to the ship, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed on board. They also help to enforce security protocols, such as maintaining a security watch and conducting security drills.

10. Training

Deck cadets receive training on board the ship and in maritime schools. They are required to attend training sessions on a regular basis to ensure that they are up to date with the latest regulations and procedures.


Deck cadets perform a wide range of duties on board ships, from navigation and cargo operations to safety inspections and emergency response. They are an essential part of the ship’s crew, and their work is vital to the safe and efficient operation of the vessel. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into the work of deck cadets on board ships.

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