MMD Kandla | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 24 Jan 2020

Venue: MMD Kandla
External Surveyor: Capt. M Kumar

Function I

  • Errors of Gyrocompass
  • What is Gyro Error?
  • Errors of Magnetic Compass?
  • What is Deviation?
  • What is Variation?
  • What effects deviation, is it the same at the equator?
  • What effects deviation? How we make a deviation card?
  • What effects variation?
  • ROR Cards 15-17 ( towing/pushing/sailing/fishing/RAM/NUC/Aground
  • Rules 8,25,26,27,28,29,30
  • Restricted visibility situation
  • Use of Sextant and it’s errors
  • List of parts of Sextant
  • What is the purpose of the Index mirror?
  • Explain the error of perpendicularity?
  • Bridge visibility criteria?

Function II

  • What is COW and its requirements?
  • How you carry out COW? What documents to refer to? what all permissions required? How do you decide that cargo is good for carrying out COW?
  • Inert gas system and its requirements?
  • Ship shore safety checklist? Tell at least 10 points? What is A, P, and R?
  • What is CSM?
  • What is ISM?
  • What is the Grain Code?
  • IMDG code? Classes of IMDG?
  • BLU code?
  • What is a DoC? Who issues it?
  • Ballast water management plan?
  • Garbage management plan?
  • Fire in Cargo Tank. Action?
  • What all precautions during loading and discharging high H2S cargo?
  • Means of venting on tankers?
  • What is VECS?

Function III

  • Lifeboat launching procedure
  • Precautions during the launching of life raft
  • What is Seaworthiness?
  • Watertight/ weathertight doors?
  • TPA/ immersion suit requirements
  • Self igniting light characteristics
  • HRA precautions?
  • MARPOL Annex III

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