2MFG ORALS QUESTIONS | MMD Kandla | 10 Aug to 14 Aug 2020

10 Aug, 2020 | Internal/ External Surveyor: Capt. Dharodkar

I was called inside together with one more candidate. He gave me 2 questions and asked to me draw the sketches while he started asking questions to the other guy.

Function II

  • Draw the Off load release mechanism of Lifeboat
  • Draw Flammability diagram
  • Breaking strength and SWL formula
  • After completing with the other guy he asked me to come forward and show him my diagrams and asked me to explain. Expect a lot of cross questions in flammability diagram. After that he started with questions from function 2.
  • Explain Bay plan
  • Draw the placard for corrosives
  • Explain the difference classes as per IMDG. Check Here
  • What do you know about UN number ? How to refer IMDG code ?
  • Hazards and precautions while loading Grain cargo
  • What is Chain Register? Who issues it ? Under which convention?

Function III

  • Where is the headquarters of ILO ?
  • Where is the headquarters of IMO?
  • Who is CSO?
  • What is SSAS and what are it’s uses?
  • What were the survival crafts onboard your last ship?
  • Explain the stowage requirement of liferaft?
  • How to launch a davit launch liferaft ?
  • Rescue boat requirements
  • Explain MARPOL Annex III? Can you discharge Annex III substances?
  • Explain MARPOL Annex II discharge criteria?
  • You’re joining as a third mate onboard a new chemical tanker, how will you familiarise yourself with the Cargo operations ?
  • What is P&A manual ? What are it’s content?
  • What is Annex V discharge criteria?
  • What is TPC and FWA? Formula for the same?
  • You’re going from SW to FW, what all parameters will change?

10 Aug, 2020 | Internal/ External Surveyor: Capt. Dharodkar​

Function I

  • Rule 19
  • Crossing situation
  • LRIT System
  • Geographical range
  • Annex
  • Rule 8 & 15
  • Situation
  • Lost propeller action near to Port

Function III

  • Liferaft
  • Immersion suit from lsa code requirements
  • Polar Code
  • MARPOL Annex V discharge criteria and special areas
  • Type of ECDIS you have worked with? What all features you have on ECDIS
  • Advantages of alarms on ECDIS.
  • Everything about AIS.
  • Some crossing situation.