MMD Kolkata | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 03 Dec 2018

  • Venue: MMD Kolkata
  • External Surveyor: Capt. Dutta
  • Internal Surveyor: Capt Mondal

External Surveyor Questions

Function I

  • Transit Bearing
  • ECDIS or Paper Chart, which one you preferredIAMSAR
  • Red star sighted on Three points from Starboard-bow
  • Flag- H, W, O
  • Cards- NUC Aground, Fishing Vessel
  • Fishing vessel light at anchor
  • A pilot vessel in restricted visibility with the pilot on board.
  • How will you know the barometer shows the correct reading?
  • SD correction not done from last three years
  • ROR situation- power-driven vessel overtaking by CBD vessel from Starboard side and one power-driven vessel rt ahead.
  • two sailing vessels one on Port and one on Starboard side fwd of beam o/v power-driven vessel normal and restricted visibility.
  • Own Vessel, Power-driven, target vessel on 2 points Starboard-bow risk of collision exist

Internal Surveyor Questions

  • Abort Point and No-point of Return. Define and draw.
  • What is ZOC? and if you don’t have ZOC chart onboard how you will navigate.
  • Define Shallow and Safety Contour. Explain with an example of how to calculate.
  • How you will know RADAR is working properly?