MMD Kolkata | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 04 Dec 2018

  • Venue: MMD Kolkata
  • External Surveyor: Capt. PC Biswas
  • Internal Surveyor: Capt Mondal
  • SOX and NOX Discharge Criteria with dates and the date when it came into force
  • What is Hyperreflexia?
  • Difference between Oil Record Book and Cargo Record Book and as per which MARPOL Annex both are required.
  • MS Act, 1958
  • Frequency of boat drill and fire drill and what is the difference between them.
  • What is corrosion and erosion, and difference?
  • Total SOLAS Chapters
  • ISPS complies to which chapter of SOLAS
  • The date on which ISPS came into force.
  • About Sprinkler System
  • Roles of flag state and port state
  • Difference between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree burns and action to be taken?
  • How will u determine the percentage of burn?
  • Righting Lever and its 2 formulas.
  • Intact Stability Code
  • What is the rule of 9?
  • Striker plate and how will you use the Shell Expansion Plan.
  • Role of DPA, CSO, SSO
  • Slop Tank Requirements
  • What is Medical Scale and Medicine Chest and the difference between them?