MMD Mumbai | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 05 Dec 2019

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Venue: Old MMD
External Surveyor: Capt. Agarwal
Internal Surveyor: Capt KR Sundram

External Surveyor Questions:

  • How to calculate Final GM? Which GM is more solid or fluid?
  • Name all MARPOL Annexes,
  • Discharge Criteria for all Annexes,
  • Certificates required as per MARPOL, especially Annexes I and VI,
  • ECAA and, SECA,
  • List of IMO Conventions,
  • Why MARPOL 73/78,
  • Pyrotechnics,
  • Procedure for Lifeboat launching? On-load and off-load both,
  • EEBD,
  • Hull Protection,
  • Who to contact in case of pollution?
  • SOPEP Contents,
  • Where to find SOPEP Manual?
  • What are the objectives of ISM?
  • Radio medical RT procedure,
  • HRU,
  • Angle of loll, correction?

Internal Surveyor Questions:

Rapid Fire Questions asked to two guys at a time…

  • Transom Floor
  • Neil Robertson Stretcher
  • Chapters in SOLAS,
  • Reserve Bouncy

Some more questions…