MMD Mumbai | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 08 Aug 2019

  • Venue: DG Shipping
  • External Surveyor: N/A
  • Internal Surveyor: Capt Das

Function II

  • What do you understand by corrugated bulkheads with diagram
  • Explain the procedure for preparations  of the hold before loading
  • What is a strum box in bilge?
  • What are the Brackets?
  • What areas to be checked for cracks in the hold?
  • IMDG contents and class
  • How to use the IMDG Code?
  • What is the information given in IMDG supplement
  • And many more questions related to IMDG Code and classes, more practical questions and many more but I forgot a few

Function III

  • What is IMO?
  • Marpol Annexes
  • Certificates in Annex I
  • Why MARPOL came in force and why 73/78,
  • Lifeboat basics, 
  • Immersion Suits and TPA,
  • Fire in the galley. Action.
  • 2 MFG Oral
  • Fire blanket material,
  • Frame numbering, 
  • Explain your ship from forward to aft, and many more but practical questions

External asked MARPOL in detail with explanation of:

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