MMD Mumbai | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 08 Jun 2019

  • Venue: DG Shipping
  • External Surveyor: Capt. Awasthi
  • Internal Surveyor: Capt. Daniel Joseph

External Surveyor Questions:

  • Sextant errors and their corrections
  • Passage plan Mundra to Jakarta
  • Fire. You are in your cabin. Fire Alarm? Action?
  • How to escape in such a situation. Nearest exit
  • Rule 21
  • Sat C
  • The basic procedure for hand steering. What to check
  • How to prepare muster list
  • Components of the magnetic compass. Have you seen them onboard
  • Sight procedure and what is chronometer and its error with correction req..gps not working
  • Distance between two-day signals (shapes)

Internal Surveyor Questions

  • Few night cards, nuc towing ground 
  • Safe Water Mark Card 
  • Above cards on port bow.. crossing,  action?
  • Telegraph orders 
  • Few more such basic ones