MMD Mumbai | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 11 Oct 2018

  • Venue: Old MMD
  • External Surveyor: Capt. Deshpande
  • Internal Surveyor: Capt. Azad

Function I

  • Passage Planning on ECDIS?
  • Contents of ALRS?
  • List of various alarms on ECDIS?
  • List of Isobaric Patterns? 
  • The pattern of TRS? 
  • How to avoid TRS?
  • Factors affecting Manoeuvring characteristics of vessel? 
  • Draw Advance and tactical Diameter?
  • The requirement for Advance and Tactical Diameter? And under which IMO Resolution is that mentioned? 
  • Which side turning circle will be smaller?  
  • What is Safety Contour? What is it and how does it help?
  • How to get Navigational Warnings?
  • How to get medical assistance on board? 
  • Different ROR Situations.

Function II

  • Draft Survey? 
  • Precautions of loading coal?
  • Taking over cargo watch at Port? 
  • Marpol annex 6 all criteria? 
  • Contents of BWM? 
  • Contents of ISGOTT? 
  • Contents of IMSBC? 
  • Contents of IMDG?
  • Precautions before entering the cargo tank? 
  • What is LEL?
  • What is Purging? 
  • What are the contents of IG?
  • How do you strip the cargo? 
  • COW System requirements and how to carry out COW?
  • How will you calibrate Oxygen Analyser? 
  • Container lashing? 
  • Contents of Chain Register? 
  • IMDG classes? 
  • CSM and its contents? 
  • Hydraulic pump line leakage while closing hold, what will you do? 
  • How to close hold in that situation and it suddenly started raining?

Function III

  • Frequency of lifeboat lowering. 
  • Frequency of rescue boat lowering. 
  • Items in Lifeboat. 
  • List of contents of Liferaft. 
  • The requirement for Life Buoys? 
  • SOLAS Chapters? 
  • Fixed CO2 system draw and explain? 
  • DCP extinguisher refilling? 
  • High expansion and low expansion foam ratio? 
  • SCBA Requirement? 
  • Difference between TPA and Immersion Suit?
  • SOPEP Contents? 
  • Discharge criteria for Cargo Residues