MMD Mumbai | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 18 Oct 2019

Date: 18 Oct 2019

External Surveyor Questions: 

No Questions

Internal Surveyor Questions:

17 Oct 2019

Function I

  • Show flags WMGO  and 
  • Morse Code for Letter Y
  • Preferred channel to the port
  • Chart symbols sand, shell, sounding doubtful 
  • Various alarms on the bridge
  • Alarms on autopilot 
  • You are OOW fwd mast light blackout action??  Ans call master
  • INDSAR in detail. Report sent in INDSAR etc
  • You are at -0200, heading toward 0000 you run for 168 hrs. What will be you ETA from noon
  • How to correct a chart?
  • Difference between north up/ Course up and head up
  • Light of hauling nets
  • All questions rapid fire

18 Oct 2019

  • Who is responsible between S.V and F.V and which rule
  • Critical rpm
  • DR/ EP/FIX
  • Lights of CBD and shapes
  • Sounds of aground vessel
  • How to correct charts
  • Going west saw west cardinal mark right ahead action
  • Limitation of RADAR
  • AIO
  • Passage plan on ECDIS.
  • What do you mean by NC? 

Result: PASS 

Finally 2nd mate thanks guys for the support and all the best