MMD Mumbai | 2MFG Orals Questions | 19 Nov 2019

  • Venue: DG Shipping
  • External Surveyor: Capt Agarwal
  • Internal Surveyor: Capt. Behl

External Surveyor Questions:

Function I

  • Started with trade pattern u had
  • Responsibility of PD.
  • What is FV?
  • What is NUC?
  • What is IAMSAR?
  • Who is the Admiralty?
  • What is CBD? lights and shapes?
  • Head on and overtaking. Situations
  • Quote rule 9, 19, and 6 in your own words.
  • Phasing and ranging of Echosounder
  • Wreck with sweep
  • NUC Vessel lights cards vertical shapes dia and spacing..
  • sextant errors? what is on the arc? Is it + or-?
  • You see a Red light ahead action
  • There is a south cardinal mark ahead and your course 180 action…
  • You see red light or smoke what is ur action?

Function II

  • How to take over cargo watch?
  • How to calibrate Oxygen Analyser?
  • What is a dump valve? How will you open it and what will you do before that.
  • What do you mean of venting cargo?
  • The setting of PV valve
  • Precautions for loading coal?

Function III

  • Annex 1 discharge criteria
  • What are HRU and Weak Link?
  • What checks comes under monthly checks.
  • How will you come to know that CO2 is punctured? What action you will take after that?
  • FWD Draft- 6 m, Aft Draft- 8 m, Midship- 7. 3. Hogging or sagging??
  • What is GRB?
  • What is the segregation table? How much distance in separated away?
  • For Lifeboat, what are the checks you will carry out in yearly maintenance?
  • What is the interval for changing the falls from end to end?
  • Conventions in IMO
  • According to which convention you are giving the exam? STCW

Internal Surveyor Questions:

  • What is spiked crude?
  • What is intrinsicaly?
  • What is approved??
  • What is flame arrestor?
  • What are the hazards of solid bulk cargo?
  • What are the hazards of a chemical tanker?
  • What is polymerization?
  • What are the alarms in cargo pumps?. What are the graphs in cargo pumps?
  • What is cavitation?