MMD MUMBAI | 2MFG ORALS QUESTIONS | 10 Aug to 14 Aug 2020

Venue: Old MMD

External Surveyor: Various
Internal Surveyor: Capt. Ajit Topono

Questions were asked by external and internal just marked as per his remarks.


External Surveyor Questions

  • Brief explanation about SOPEP. List of Equipment and Quantity, as per the last ships done;
  • List of all MARPOL Annexes with dates, Check Here
    they came in force
  • List of all new MARPOL Annexes proposed;
  •  Requirements of Garbage Record Book and its contents including entries made;
  • Everything about SEEMP. Have you seen one?
  • Garboard strake
  • Hogging/ Sagging
  • What is Angle of loll and actions after that when starboard heel
  • What is Unstable Equilibrium? Draw diagram of it
  • ISSC : How does a new ship get it? Wants to know briefly about RSO and documents required.
  • Aft perpendicular
  • Contents of stability booklet; Asked me if I had used Loadicator and how to test its accuracy.
  • There is fire in Galley. Action?
  • Explain step-by-step procedure for Fire Drill.  Explanation about different parties and their duties;
  • Immersion suit and TPA requirements
  • Procedure for launching a Liferaft;
  • Medical Emergency- if Chief Officer and Master injured whom to contact? doesn’t want CIRM but goes deep into GMDSS;
  • Explain about Foam Extinguisher and how to do its inspections;
  • Tests to be done on SCBA.

Date - 11 Aug 2020 | External- Capt Oak | Internal- Capt. Ajit Toponov

Function I

  • Red buoy sighted 2 points on stbd bow, action?
  • Heading south, west cardinal buoy sighted 2 point on port bow, action?
  • While taking action for 2nd case , u got grounded , actions , lights , emcy signals transmitted.
  • Characteristics of a Buoy
  • RV- one vessel approaching from 2 Point Port Bow, not sighted on radar, action?
  • How will the target vessel know that you have taken some actions?
  • What is the range of fog signals?
  • NUC- lights, shapes, dimensions and colour of shape.
  • Why do you take barometer pressure during every watch?
  • Errors of Barometer? Where will you get Index Error? Do we calibrate it? What is the interval?
  • Your Height of eye is 30 mtr, Pressure is 1001mb, what to log in log book?
  • Different types of log books , what all entries made in made by Second Mates in log books.
  • What is Reserve Source and Emergency Source, duration of use of both sources. Instrument used on Emcy sources.
  • Compass error, gyro error- 3 degree high, Course 125, what will you steer?
  • Your vessel is dragging anchor, how will you come to know visually? without Radar or sight? Told chain will take long stay – short stay, load on chain. Asked change of stay is continuously or once.
  • Asked from where are you referring your notes? What is the authenticity of it?
  • How to set NAVTEX
  • Some questions on ECDIS
  • Fishing Vessel shooting nets , how will you identify by day;
  • Name of the cyclone which hit Mumbai in Month of June.
  • If you were at anchorage , what action will you take.

Function II

  • What all ship have you done?
  • What is P&A Manual? when to refer, what all information in it, different types of gas instruments used on chemical tankers.
  • Relationship between LEL, volume. For personal gas meter how much LEL for Hydrocarbon.
  • As OOW for Cargo Watch, What all checks you will carry out?
  • What will lift first PV valve or PV breaker , why?
  • Different types of containers?
  • What is subsidiary risk, EMS, MFAG.
  • How will you check hold temperature? At how many levels.
  • Hazards of Coal
  • You see a damage cargo getting loading by crane , what action you will take, loader still not stopping it, actions. I told i will inform E/R and cut the power of crane. Now it is loaded on your ship , what you will do? Told, will inform master, C/O, make Stevedore Damage Report, take photos , inform surveyor , loading master. Still loading Master not agreeing that it was loaded in damage condition than what will you do?
  • Some hazards of cargoes
  • Bulk cargo distinguish in how many categories?

Date - 11 Aug 2020 | External- Capt Oak | Internal- Capt. Ajit Toponov

Function I

  • Port lateral mark
  • West Cardinal Mark
  • ROR Rules 6 & 19
  • Various situation in RV
  • Type of AIS, Requirement,
  • Define Flag B, G
  • How will you identify Pilot Vessel in RV
  • How to identify Sailing vessel day and night
  • Various Gyro Errors
  • Time zone
  • What is INDSAR?
  • What do you mean by Participating in INDSAR
  • Azimuth
  • Chart symbols
  • Aground vessel lights
  • CBD Vessel, Day Signal and Night Lights
  • Dimensions of Day Signal

Date - 11 Aug 2020 | External- Capt Oak | Internal- Capt. Harinder/ Capt. Ajit Toponov

External Surveyor

Function I

  • Heading south, west cardinal buoy on 2 pts port bow, action? Explain all its characteristics
  • Flag B, G
  • How will you identify pilot vessel in RV
  • How to identify CBD vessel day and night
  • Gyro error 2 deg high, you want to steer 125 T what’s your gyro heading.
  • Timezone
  • ETA calculation. Westerly course what you will do.
  • Draw diagram of Dec 10N lat 20S name all the parameters.
  • Where will the body rise on the diagram and how will you denote it.
  • Radar shows 12 blips of beacon your action.
  • What is INDSAR, its reporting and area limits
  • Day Light Signal Dimensions
  • Distance between day signals.
  • Distance of additional fishing lights as per annex 2.
  • Trawler cards
  • RAM Cards
  • Many cross questions, to confuse, rapid questions, doesn’t wait for full answers.

Internal Surveyor

  • Have you used star finder? How to use it?
  • Tell me the constellations of stars you know. Name the stars.
  • Captain Toponov didn’t ask anything.