MMD Noida | 2 MFG Oral Questions | July, 13- July 17, 2020 |Week 1

Date: July 16, 2020
External : Capt. R. K. SHARMA
Internal : Capt. Poswal
Check Pet Questions here

Function I

  • Asked details about company
  • Previous vessel route
  • In passage from south china sea to the Mediterranean what all things are dangerous for your vessel.
  • ME failure in TSS (Note: Capt. Pposwal wants answer priority wise. My 5th point was NUC light n shape. He was not happy then @8th point i said INFORM VTS. Then he made me stop asked me to put inform VTS before informing anything to anyone before lights before safety urgency message. Just take hand steering alter away from danger inform your ship’s master then directly VTS. He wants to hear this. He said this happens when people come here with mugged up answers).
  • CBD, Trawler, pushing, towing day and night,
  • Safe Water Mark card.
  • Lights of safe water mark.
  • Draw PZX triangle for sunrise Lat 30 S, Dec 30S
  • Errors in GPS.
  • How is satellite clock error corrected.
  • Difference b/w GPS and DGPS
  • Accuracy of GPS and DGPS.
  • Draw Williamson Turn and Scharnow Turn. When to use which one.
  • If you saw MOB falling from your vessel, which turn will u prefer.
  • Definition and difference between Advection Fog and Radiation Fog.
  • What type of fog is there in your city.
  • How will you know it is dew or mist.

Internal Surveyor Questions:

Function I

  • Great Circle and Pilot Ladder
  • Radar Errors ( Want to hear radar limitations)
  • Angle of squint
  • Publications in priority wise ( Any 10 )
  • Importance of spreader in pilot ladder
  • Steering gear test
  • Main Engine failure in TSS ( wants to hear both safety and urgency as per the situation of traffic and sea room)
  • Situations of simple crossing
  • Overtaking
  • Overtaking in RV
  • SART frequency
  • AIS frequency
  • EPIRB purpose
  • Navtex frequency
  • Cards 15
  • CBD card
  • Diameter of cylinder
  • Safe water mark detail
  • Difference between Occulting and Flashing. Try to confuse with Isophase
  • ECDIS main purpose
  • ECDIS safety setting. The formula.

Function II

  • Fittings in Cargo tank, hold space
  • how to use Eductor system
  • what type of chocks in hold space to support tank
  • what if you find icing accumulated on them
  • If you have heel of butane, can you load propane on it or vice-versa
  • boiling point of propane and butane
  • instruments to be used while gas change
  • working of oxygen analyzer
  • which gas is used for zero cal or fresh cal
  • why nitrogen is used for zero check
  • where you can find SSSCL of gas tankers
  • what are the differences from product gas SSSCL
  • what kind of protective equipment on GAS TANKER
  • what is the difference between SCBA in Gas tanker and Product tanker
  • what extra checks to be done
  • what is the difference between Gas tanker IG and product tanker IG
  • what Is SIGTTO
  • WHY MORE On harbour
  • where this gas will go if MARVS RELEASE

Date: July 15, 2020
External Surveyor: Capt. Kohli
Internal Surveyor: Capt Poswal

External Surveyor Questions:

  • Steering gear test and it’s requirements
  • Name of Bridge Equipment.
  • PZX triangle explain each angle, draw diagram when the body is at RH
  • ALRS volume.
  • How will you update ECDIS
  • Update paper chart
  • Update ALRS
  • First action when a vessel 7nm
  • Define Altitude
  • Some Head on situations & how much will you alter ?
  • Define Rule 8c
  • Few more but simple one

Internal Surveyor Questions:

  • Understanding of Rule 2 ,
  • How will you pass from a anchored vessel
  • Fishing vessel collided action priority wise
  • What do you mean by CQS
  • 2 examples of special circumstances
  • Crossing vessel on Port bow. You can see both of her side lights and mast light in line. (I said no collision , then asked if constant bearing)
  • Rule 2 in own words in detail
  • Fishing vessel if propelled by machinery ,is it a pd vessel?
  • Gave 2(lat 10s dec 20N body rising) values and asked to draw PZX triangle
  • Difference between RAM and NUC
  • Which lights to show when anchor dragging (will u switch off anchor lights)
  • Diff between stranding and grounding?
  • Clock Error in GPS?
  • How to find out dew point,what is the on x and y axis of dew point table?
  • Is trawler a fishing vessel?

Date: July 14, 2020
External – Capt. Chhabra
Internal – Capt. Poswal

External Surveyor Questions:

  • Star Finder
  • Situations in:
    • TSS;
    • RV;
    • CBD;
    • Crossing;
    • Overtaking/action as per 2 (b)
  • ROR Cards-
    • Towing Vessel (RAM);
    • Sailing Vessel (SV) also propelled by Machinery (day);
    • Single White Light Card;
    • East Cardinal Mark
  • Day cards around 15
  • 4-5 situation crossing head on in CV and RV 3-4 situation
  • Safety settings on ECDIS
  • Can we use a chart on ECDIS if it has expired
  • MOB Action
  • MOB in TSS ( Singapore Strait)
  • Mob turns
  • Main Engine failure in TSS

Internal Surveyor Questions:

  • Shallow Water Effect? Reasons for same.
  • ROR Situations: Own vessel, CBD. Fishing Vessel crossing (in TSS)
  • Aground Vessel Signal
  • priority wise action for ME failure in Singapore straits
  • EPIRB in full detail. Types of EPIRB and how their satellites are different.
  • Difference between ASD and guide to port entry

Date: Jun 14, 2020
External Surveyor: Capt. Chabbra
Internal Surveyor: Capt. Poswal

External Surveyor:

Function I

  • Day cards around 15
  • 4-5 situation crossing head on in cv and rv 3-4 situation
  • Safety settings on ECDIS
  • Can we use a chart on ECDIS if it has expired
  • MOB. Action?
  • MOB in TSS ( Singapore Strait)
  • MOB Turns
  • Main Engine failure in TSS. Action?

Internal Surveyor:

  • EPIRB in full detail.Types of EPIRB and how their satellites different.
  • Difference between ASD and Guide to Port Entry
  • Emergency in TSS
  • Main Engine Failure. Action?
  • Collision with fishing vessel
  • Crossing questions while external asking questions
  • Start from previous marks
  • Range of fog signal
  • Rule 6 Quote
  • Emergency wreck
  • Started from
  • Situation head on and on starboard wreck
  • Overtaking in rv
  • Vsl on port bow not taking action
  • Cards day 4
  • Dradger
  • Cbd
  • Pilot
  • Selling vessel
  • Night cards
  • Simple trawler
  • Cbd
  • Pilot
  • Fishing
  • Towing
  • Safe water mark. Where it can be starting middle or last of channel

I said starting , ask which side keep this mark i said port ask why i dnt knw exact answer as i said good observation of seaman smile and said OK. any other reason anything in narrow channel …i said as per 9a) i will keep fairway on my starboard side then thts the correct answer .

Date: Jul 13, 2020
External Surveyor: Capt. Chautani

Function I:

  • ECDIS safety settings
  • EPIRB in detail
  • Distress and urgency as per GMDSS
  • When to call master? Check Here
  • 2 Situation
  • M/E breakdown. Action?

Date: Jul 13, 2020
External Surveyor: Capt. Chautani
Internal Surveyor: Capt. Poswal

Internal Surveyor Questions:

  • Detailed information about pilot ladder
  • Publications name. Check Here

External Surveyor Questions:

  • Day cards around 15 and asked some of them to draw according to region wise
  • Types of charts in ECDIS
  • MoB in TSS ( Singapore Strait)
  • How will you speak on VHF ( distress message). Full procedure mayday mayday…
  • EPIRB in full detail. Types of EPIRB and how their satellites different.
  • Vessel Aground. Lights, shapes and signals.
  • Interval between fog signals for PD and Aground vessel
  • Few more easy questions.

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