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Generic Brass Compass Divider (Gold, 8 Inches)
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Pentagon Navigation Instruments
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Parallel Ruler with Wooden Box, by Pentagon Navigation Instruments
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  • Instrument: Divider
  • Material: Pure Brass
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Parallel Rule – 21” is precision molded for accurate straight line plotting
  • Its completely transparent clear optical finish allows exact plotting
  • Brass Divider 8″ Brass Divider with SS Needle Points 8″ Brass Pencil compas 8″ with Best Quality
  • Brass Pencil compas Size 8″ with Best Quality
  • Mini Parallel Ruler Size 6″ The Best Navigation Instruments
  • Parallel Ruler – 21” is precision moulded for accurate straight line plotting
  • Its completely transparent clear optical finish allows exact plotting
  • Size : 21 Inches
  • Uses : For Chart work
Isomars Marine Kit
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Isomars Marine Technical Combo Set
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Isomars Marine Navigation One Hand Divider 7″
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  • Contains Marine / Nautical Compass, Set Square – Professional , Marine /Nautical Parallel Bar
  • Set Square made of clear acrylic, with bevel edge
  • Marine Parallel Bar made of clear acrylic , has Brass joints with markings
  • Can be used for navigation classes and in water
  • Contains Isomars Technoart Technical:
  • Drawing Pen Set of 3 , 1 Black Ink,
  • 1 Engineering Compass,
  • 1 Compass Attachment,
  • 1 Joint Holder, and
  • 3 Pen Stations,
  • Isomars Set Square – Professional/Protractor
  • Set Square made up of clear acrylic , with bevel edge
  • Isomars Marine/ Nautical Parallel Bar- Professional – made up of clear acrylic, has Brass joints with markings
  • Ideal for Students/ Mariners/ Navigators
  • 7 inches long
  • One-hand brass dividers can be opened and closed with one hand while performing chart work
  • Handle is made up of brass . Tapered sides are bright finished marine alloy.
  • Every seasoned navigator should have one of these attractive one hand brass dividers on his chart table
SeCro Universal Travel Adapter
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GoTrippin Premium Universal Travel Adopter with Dual USB Charger Ports
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Antique Silver Nautical Charm
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  • SeCro Universal Travel Adapter with Built in Dual USB Charger Ports with 125V 6A, 250V Surge/Spike Protected Electrical Plug (White)

  • [SLOW CHARGING] Input: 100-240W / Output: 100-240W 6A MAX / Tear Off the Plastic Film From Surface Before Use

  • Dual USB Ports DC5V 1A 10W, Work with iPad, iPhone,Galaxy Phones and Laptop Cameras,Indoor Use Only | YouTube :
  • Accepts Plugs From More 150 Countries with USA/EU/UK/AU/CHINA/JAPAN Plugs,
  • Equipped with Built-in Safety Shutters,Include 1x Universal Adapter / 1x (Cable Not Included)
  • It Does Not Convert Electrical Output Current and Voltage
  • SMART FAST CHARGING WITH 2 USB PORTS- Dual USB Ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously with high speed. Built in Smart IC Chip intelligently recognises your devices, adjusting the right current output automatically, boosts its charging speed, allow simultaneous charging your devices at high speed.
  • Compatible with all USB Devices like IPhone X/8/7/6, Samsung S10/S9/S8, Sony, LG, XiaoMi, HUAWEI Mate 10,Tablet, Digital Cameras and so on.
  • Input: 100-240V/AC, 50/60Hz, Max Load 6A, Total Output: 5V/2.5A (Max.), Max AC Power: 660W at 110/AC or 1440W at 240V/AC, Dimension: 60 x 60 x 61mm, Weight: 121g. Make sure your device is with dual voltage or it is available at local voltage.
TSIM Lifetime Global SIM Card(1GB)
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WorldSIM Lifetime International SIM Card
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TSIM Europe SIM Card 1 to 10 GB Data and Voice (1GB)
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  • 165 Countries in one SIM. Incoming calls, Local calls, calls to India, SMS and 3G/4G Data in one package. 
  • UK Phone Number. 
  • Prepaid with Lifetime Validity. 
  • Perfect for frequent travellers
  • Incoming calls in over 118 countries, coverage in 200 countries
  • Calls, data and SMS worldwide – reduce roaming fees by up to 85%
  • Add data bundles once your SIM arrives. Use as a data SIM in iPads and tablets
  • SIM works in any unlocked handset and compatible with all SIM sizes
  • Comes with UK and USA mobile number
  • Highest Coverage: 44 European countries in one SIM 
  • 1 GB Data (4G) or 100 minutes Local calls or 100 minutes calls to India or 100 minutes incoming or 100 SMS or combination of these.
  • Outgoing with direct dial – no prefixes UK number for incoming
  • Perfect for frequent travellers.
  • Prepaid with Lifetime Validity. Free forwarding to your India number when not travelling
  • We need a copy of your passport and Visa before activation
Brass Sextant 4 inch Nautical Navy Ship
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Brass Nautical Sextant J.Scott with Wood Box
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Nautical Bronze Sextant
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Nautical Pirate’s Maritime Astronomical Brass Sextant with Wooden Box (Antique Brass, 9 Inches)
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ZHENGTU Professional Multifunction Military Army Metal Sighting High Accuracy Waterproof Compass (Green)
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Epyz Stainless Steel Directional Magnetic Compass for Travel (Black)
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Kartique Brass Map Compass Device (Gold, 3 x 3)
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Compass Military Army Geology Lensatic Prismatic Compass Multifunctional Outdoor Camping Exploration Tool with Fluorescent Light aluminum alloy
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