MMD Mumbai | Oral Questions | 18 Oct 2019

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Date: 18 Oct 2019

External Surveyor: Capt. JB Singh

Internal Surveyor: Capt. Sundaram

Second Attempt

External Surveyor Questions:

Function I:

  • Intervals between 2 full moons
  • Lee tide
  • Weather instrument
  • Errors of echo Sounder
  • Weather data receiving equipment
  • ROR Rules:
    • Rule 2,
    • Rule 5,
    • Rule 6,
    • Rule 9,
    • Rule10,
    • Rule 14,
    • Rule18,
    • RUle 19,
    • Rule 21
  • Information in part F of ROR
  • How to use whirling psychrometer
  • What is salinity and temp of the seawater
  • Overtaking situation
  • Crossing situation
  • Rule 10 exemptions
  • What will you do if someone is violating rule10?
  • How will you take radio medical advice
  • What is the lee tide?
  • Many more…

Function II

I told Surveyor that I did the only LNG Ships, so he said didn’t know many about it

  • How will you prepare for grade change
  • Tank types and configuration
  • Equipment onboard and uses
  • What is sublimation
  • Angle of repose
  • Bale and grain capacity
  • Properties of LNG

Function III

  • Center of floatation
  • Hydrostatic draft
  • SF, BM definition and units
  • MCTC definition and unit
  • Angle of lol and correcting actions
  • Annex 4 discharge criteria
  • Special area for MARPOL Annex III (No Special Area)
  • Amendment for STCW
  • PV valve and action in case of fire in the PV valve
  • What is the main advantage of Neil Robertson stretcher
  • How will you give the injection

Internal Surveyor Questions:

Function I

No Questions

Function II

  • Hydrostatic draft
  • COW and Advantages

Function III

  • Flare, sheer, the rise of floor, camber
  • Onload and offload release mechanism
  • Lifeboat specifications
  • TPA criteria
  • Maintenance of liferaft

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