Procedure to Check Eligibility for CoP, in DG e-Governance/ Seafarer’s Profile

Here is the procedure for how to check eligibility for CoP

Applicable to following:

New tab on DG Website under “e-Governance” / “Update Seafarer Profile” To “Check Eligibility” For DCE, Watchkeeping & AB Seafarer

The Below New Procedure May Be Followed

  • Enter your “User ID” & “Password”
  • Go for “Update Seafarer Profile”.

Note: “For better performance you are advised to use Internet Explorer upto version 9 or Firefox Browser

  • Click on “CoP” and go for “Check Eligibility” tab.
  • Select your desired documents from the drop down list and click on “Continue”.

Example to check eligibility for CoP

For DC Oil & Chemical. Select the “DC Basic Oil and Chemical” tab and click on “Continue”.


It will show your “Eligibility Details”. Same as shown above. Same way to check for other desired documents.


  • If issued: eligibility details will show “Certificate Issued”.
  • If under process: eligibility details will show “Issuance of Certificate is under process”
  • If documents Not Proper: eligibility details will show “list of improper documents in “Red Font” accordingly to update in seafarer profile and to apply for desired documents.


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