Standard Operating Procedure and Instructions for EXIT Examination

SOPs and Instructions for Candidate on EXIT Examination

  1. The exit examination for the candidate shall be undertaken by the MTI only after completion of the Virtual Classes/live video sessions.
  2. The candidate shall be informed by the MTI of date and time of exit examination in advance.
  3. The candidate should be ready in all respects with his computer/laptop device in on
    position and monitor his mobile and email for intimation to log in and start the examination from MTI.
  4. The candidate must be having the hardware and internet connectivity of required bandwidth/speed as detailed in para 10 of this SOP.

Initial Procedure

The Candidate should ensure that the following procedure is completed as part of the preparation for the Exit Examination

  1. Click on EXIT Exam Icon on DG Shipping Web-Site.
  2. Click on Operating Instructions
  3. Read on Operating Instructions and Click the link given in the Instructions.
  4. Insert your INDOS number and use the same password as for Log-in
  5. Click the profile photo on the top bar.
  6. You will find your present photograph, which is available on your INDOS Profile. If there is no photograph found, please get your photograph uploaded on your profile before appearing for the Exit Exam.
  7. If the photograph is found, allow web-cam on your Computer to take your three photographs and put in the three empty boxes to match your present face profile with an old uploaded photograph. If the photograph is not getting uploaded, get your photograph changed and then appear for the exam using the procedure detailed later in this SOP. This is a mandatory step and may be carried out anytime during the course.

After receiving the SMS/E-mail from the MTI, the Candidate will immediately start the Exit Exam. The steps are given in the following steps:

Note: Prior to taking the examination ensure to close all other windows on your computer. It is important to open Task Manager on your Computer and manually close all screen sharing applications. If you do not follow this step you will not be able to give the exam.

Steps after receiving the SMS/E-mail from the MTI

  1. Click on the “Exit Exam” menu button or visit directly
  2. Enter your “INDOS” number
  3. Click the “Login” button to proceed
  4. The Candidate profile shall be displayed as per DGS e-Governance
  5. Complete Pre-Exam Procedures:
    1. First, Student need to Download the “DGS Secure Software.exe” file
    2. Go to the file Downloaded folder and Double Click or Run the file.
    3. In the popup, Click “More Info” and click “Run Anyway” button
    4. In the popup, Enter the INDOs number and press “Enter” key
    5. Now, open the “Browser” and click the “Refresh” button
  6. After refreshing the page, Course Details shall be displayed
  7. Now, Candidate can Select the Course and Click the “Take Test” button
  8. Exam Instructions shall be displayed in a popup window
    Please note that closing or navigating away from the exam window during the examination session and or opening any other window etc. will, amongst others constitute the use of UNFAIR MEANS.
  9. Click the “Proceed Test” button to continue
  10. Now, Candidate can Click the “Allow” button to allow the Webcam Access
  11. Exam Instructions and Webcam Instructions shall be displayed in the popup window
  12. Click the “Photo” button to take the photo for Validation.
  13. Upon Successful verification of Photo, Candidate will get the Green color button
  14. Click the “Proceed Exam” button to Commence the Exam

Hint: Once the Exam is Commenced, Online Proctoring System will be continuing the process until the exam ends.

Precautions during Exam

  • The candidate will always look into the Screen to avoid the Exam Termination
    • Candidate Photo will be Taken Multiple Time Automatically, If found Swap of Persons / Photo Mismatch will lead to Termination of Exam
    • Malpractices such as Browsing Google, Screen Sharing, etc., will lead to Termination of Exam
    • Page Back / Refreshing the Page also will lead to Termination of Exam
    • Last 5 Minutes – Time Indication (Blinking) will be displayed

Instructions during examination

  • During the exam, the candidate cannot review his previous answered question and should not try to go back screen. After answering a question, he should click on the next question until he comes to the last question.
  • At last question, the candidate will get the submit button; Click the “Submit Test” button to view Exam Result. Please note again that the Candidate cannot review their answered question and should not attempt to go back-screen.
  • Once Exam is Completed, the result will be automatically sent to DGS Server
  • After the Exam, the Candidate will contact their respective MTI’s for the Certification Process.

Necessary Security Aspects

For Exit examination, the Candidate will be allowed to appear online examination for which necessary security aspects have been taken care of. Use of any unlawful and unfair practices adopted by the Candidate e.g. moving away from the computer during the examination or surfing another site etc. will disqualify him/her from the examination process. Exit exam software has the following features to prevent malpractices:

  • Online Photo validation (Face Recognition)
  • AI-based automatic Photo Verification during Entire Exam
  • Multi-face deduction and stopping the exam automatically.
  • Candidate cannot Minimize or Browse any other window.
  • Candidate cannot copy or paste the question bank and Search Online (Like Google).
  • Candidate cannot use Team Viewer, Zoom, Any Desk, or any other Screen Sharing.
  • Timer Clock with finishing Red Indication (Last 5 Minutes).
  • In case of Internet failure 5 minutes, Session out facility provided.

Preparation for smooth conduct of examination

MTI shall ensure that following system requirements are available with the Candidate for smooth conduct of Exit

  • RAM – Minimum 1 GB; Hard Disk – Minimum 250 GB
  • Processor – Dual Core or Higher (Preferred Intel i3 / i5 processor)
  • Operating System – Windows 7/8/10 or Higher (Preferred 64 bit); IP Camera / Web Camera minimum Resolution 640 X 480 px (with Audio Mic Option)

The Exit Examination system continually matches a candidate profile with the photograph in his seafarer profile. Therefore, it is important that a recent photograph showing the candidate full front view is there on his profile. The candidate is required to verify the same on his seafarer profile. In case a Candidate finds either his photograph is not uploaded and require a change, he can follow the following procedure:

  • The MTI shall verify the photograph/signature of the Candidate against the passport and send change request by email to along with a copy of passport and photograph which the Candidate intends to upload.
  • Upon satisfaction, the Exit Exam cell shall grant permission to change the photograph. Such permission for change in a photograph shall be provisional and subject to verification at a later stage. The new photograph/signature should be as per the specified requirements.


DGS Order 20 of 2020, dated Aug 5, 2020