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Auto Pilot

Auto Pilot- Working, Use, Advantages, Limitations, Tests

What is Auto Pilot? NAVIPILOT- 4000 v1 The autopilot is equipment used to maintain the ship’s set course electronically and electrically for a long period of time when alteration of course is not required. The Auto Pilot is used when a ship has to steer a set course for a long time without alteration. This

Echo Sounder

Errors of Echo Sounder

Pythagoras Error This error is found when two transducers are used, one for transmission and the other one for reception. This error is calculated using the Pythagoras principle. This error becomes prominent whenever distance between two transducer is more than 2 mtrs, manual should be referred in order to use the table for corrections. Multiple

2mfg oral questions

When to call Master on the Bridge? OR State the circumstances under which you will call Master.

When to Call Master on Bridge A Ship’s Master is always responsible for all decisions on board is the ship. Master has the overall authority to take actions with respect to the safe conduct of navigation and protection of the environment and safety of the ship and its crew. And the Officer In-charge should always

Function I

MANEUVERING INFORMATION onboard Ships- Pilot Card, Wheelhouse Poster, Manoeuvring Booklet

As recommended in IMO Resolution A.601(15), all ships are required that the maneuvering information given herewith is on board and available to navigators. Maneuvering information should be presented as follows: Pilot Card Wheelhouse Poster Maneuvering Booklet The Administration should recommend that maneuvering information, in the form of the models contained in the appendices, should be