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Everything about ALRS (ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals), and Contents of ALRS Volumes

ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals (ALRS) is produced and updated by United Kingdom Office (UKHO). ALRS provides information on all the aspects related to Maritime Radio Communications, GMDSS,  VTS reporting, etc. which helps the OOWs and Masters to manage communications and comply with all reporting regulations throughout a voyage. For clarity and convenience, this ALRS

Codes & Conventions

List of IMO Conventions and Codes with their current status and amendments

The majority of IMO Conventions adopted by IMO or for which the Organization is otherwise responsible, fall into three main categories. The first group is concerned with maritime safety; the second with the prevention of marine pollution; and the third with liability and compensation, especially in relation to damage caused by pollution.  Outside these major

iamsar manual

Notes on IAMSAR VOLUME III: Mobile Facilities, with updated contents

IAMSAR Volume III IAMSAR Volume III is intended to be carried aboard rescue units, aircraft and vessels to help performance of SAR duties as support members, OSC (on-scene coordinator) functions and SAR aspects involving their own emergencies. Thus it provides guidance on SAR aspects to all these three categories. Purpose of IAMSAR Vol III The

iamsar manual

The IAMSAR Manual in Nutshell

An up-to-date copy of IAMSAR Manuals are required to be carried on board ship as per the requirement of SOLAS Chapter V: Safety of Navigation. International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manuals/ Volumes are jointly published by IMO and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); These three volumes IAMSAR Manual provides guidelines for

Nautical Publications

Nautical Publications required for Passage Planning along with their contents

Nautical Publications required for Passage Planning is required to be carried onboard ship as per the requirement of SOLAS Regulations 19, 21, 27 and Annex III List of Nautical Publications required for Passage Planning are listed below: Voyage Charts (Small Scale to Large Scale) Local passage planning charts ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guides ADMIRALTY Maritime Security Charts  Chart