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Auto Pilot

Auto Pilot- Working, Use, Advantages, Limitations, Tests

What is Auto Pilot? NAVIPILOT- 4000 v1 The autopilot is equipment used to maintain the ship’s set course electronically and electrically for a long period of time when alteration of course is not required. The Auto Pilot is used when a ship has to steer a set course for a long time without alteration. This

Errors of GPS

Errors of GPS

Factors affect the accuracy of GPS positions (GPS Errors) Atmospheric Error Changing atmospheric conditions change the speed of the GPS signals as they pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and this affects the time difference measurement and the fix will not be accurate. Each satellite transmits its message on two frequencies and hence a dual frequency

Echo Sounder

Errors of Echo Sounder

Pythagoras Error This error is found when two transducers are used, one for transmission and the other one for reception. This error is calculated using the Pythagoras principle. This error becomes prominent whenever distance between two transducer is more than 2 mtrs, manual should be referred in order to use the table for corrections. Multiple


Must know IMO Performance Standards RADAR

RADAR is an integral part of Navigational Equipment. And a piece of most used equipment used at the bridge. With proper use, RADAR is the best tool to avoid the collision. SOLAS Requirements for RADAR: Chp. V/ Reg 19.2.3 of SOLAS: – All ships of 300 GRT and upwards and passenger ships irrespective of size