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2mfg oral questions

MMD Noida | 2 MFG Oral Questions | July, 13- July 17, 2020 |Week 1

Date: July 16, 2020External : Capt. R. K. SHARMAInternal : Capt. Poswal Check Pet Questions here Function I Asked details about company Previous vessel route In passage from south china sea to the Mediterranean what all things are dangerous for your vessel. ME failure in TSS (Note: Capt. Pposwal wants answer priority wise. My 5th

Second Mate Oral Exam Questions
capt. kohli

MMD Noida | 2 MFG Oral Questions | 18 Oct 2019

Date: 18 Oct 2019 External Surveyor: Capt. Kohli Internal Surveyor: Capt. Possu External Surveyor Questions: Function II Types of ships you have sailed on, Why are you appearing for the exam in Delhi why not from Kolkata? PZX Triangle (draw and explain everything) Crossing Situation (both stand on and give way) Transverse thrust Bank Suction