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Auto Pilot

IMO Performance Standards for Auto Pilots (Heading Control Systems)

Objectives Within limits related to the ships’s manoeuvrability the heading control system, in conjunction with its source of heading information, should enable a ship to keep a preset heading with minimum operation of the ship’s steering gear. A heading control system may work together with a track control system adjusting its heading for drift. A


Must know IMO Performance Standards RADAR

RADAR is an integral part of Navigational Equipment. And a piece of most used equipment used at the bridge. With proper use, RADAR is the best tool to avoid the collision. SOLAS Requirements for RADAR: Chp. V/ Reg 19.2.3 of SOLAS: – All ships of 300 GRT and upwards and passenger ships irrespective of size

Echo Sounder

IMO Performance Standards for Echo Sounder

As per Chp V/ Reg 19.2.3 of SOLAS 73/78, An Echo Sounder is required onboard ship which should provide reliable information on the depth of water under a ship to help in navigation. SOLAS Chp V/ Reg 19.23: All ships of 300 GRT and above and passenger ships irrespective of size shall, in addition to


IMO Performance Standards of ARPA

Performance Standards of ARPA 1. Detection: If a separate facility is provided for the detection of targets, other than by the Radar, its performance should not be inferior to that which could be obtained by the use of the radar display. 2. Acquisition: Target acquisition may be manual or automatic for relative speeds up to


IMO Performance Standards for AIS

Chapter V/ Regulation 19/ 2.4.5 of SOLAS 73/78 states that:“AIS shall, provide automatically to appropriate equipped shore stations, other ships and aircraft information, including ship’s identity, type, position, course, speed, navigational status, and other safety-related information; receive automatically such information from similarly fitted ships; monitor and track ships; and exchange data with shore-based facilities.” In addition


IMO Performance Standards for ECDIS

As per IMO Resolution A.817(19) Recommendations for IMO Performance Standards for ECDIS, adopted on 23 November 1995 A. ECDIS should be capable of displaying all SENC information.  “The System Electronic Navigational Chart (SENC) means a database resulting from the transformation of the ENC by ECDIS for appropriate use, updates to the ENC by appropriate means and