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When to call Master on the Bridge? OR State the circumstances under which you will call Master.

When to Call Master on Bridge A Ship’s Master is always responsible for all decisions on board is the ship. Master has the overall authority to take actions with respect to the safe conduct of navigation and protection of the environment and safety of the ship and its crew. And the Officer In-charge should always


Standards regarding Watchkeeping on Merchant Ships, Part II

Index: Standards regarding Watchkeeping, Part I Principles to be observed in keeping a Radio Watch Watch Arrangements for Radio Watch Performing the Radio Watch Watchkeeping In Port Principles applying to all watchkeeping Watch Arrangements at Port Taking over the Watch Taking Over the Deck Watch at Port Taking Over the Engineering Watch at Port Performing


Standards regarding Watchkeeping on Merchant Ships, Part I

The fitness of Seafarers has always been the main concern over the course of years. Especially when the seafarer is on the watch or an in-charge of the watch, one should be fit for duty. IMO, ILO has taken initiatives for the well being and fitness of Seafarers. These Standards Regarding Watchkeeping on Merchant Ships